Homily ·Lent
By Archbishop Gomez
March 23, 2020

The readings of today’s Mass — the beautiful readings — the first reading from the Prophet Isaiah and the passage of the Gospel from St. John’s Gospel I think are a special help for all of us during this challenging time.1

In a beautiful way the readings reminds us of the power of Jesus Christ to come into our lives and to make all things new.

The first reading talked to us about God’s plan for creation and we have to trust that that’s really the plan of God. And with our commitment to try to be faithful to God’s plan, things are going to be well in our society and in the world — even during these challenging times.

And in the passage of the Gospel, the royal official comes to Jesus and asks him to heal his son, who is dying. We can feel his concern — the father’s concern and desperation because his son was dying.

And that’s sometimes what is happening our society nowadays. In our country and the world there are many people who are also praying that their loved ones who are sick will be able to recover and not to die. We know there are many people praying for healing. 

But we also pray that today that we will also hear the words of our Lord Jesus Christ in the Gospel today, “You may go! Your son will live.”

My brothers and sisters, this is what Jesus comes to do in our lives. He comes to heal us, he comes to save us from our sins.

Of course the key for us is to have faith. The father in the Gospel today “believed what Jesus said to him.” Jesus worked this miracle in his life because the man had faith.

We need to believe in the promises of Jesus, especially in these days when things seem so uncertain. Let’s ask for that grace today — to keep believing in him, to keep asking him to increase our faith and help us in the specific situations in our personal life and in our world today.

So let’s ask for that grace today — to continue trusting in our Lord Jesus Christ and to follow him with faith. And let us go with confidence to Mary our Blessed Mother as she will help us grow deeper in our faith in her Son.

1. Readings:  Is. 65: 17-21; Jn 4:43-54.


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