By Archbishop Gomez
January 24, 2016

Let us pray:

God of love and God of life,
We thank you for your blessings.
Especially the gift of life
and this beautiful creation that you entrust to our care.
Father, bless our families and bless OneLife LA!
Bless us as we begin our procession today —
this walk for life and human dignity.
Give us courage always to stand up for life.
To protect and defend the innocent and the vulnerable —
the child in the womb, the one with special needs,
the victim caught in human trafficking,
the elderly and the ill, the poor and the prisoner,
the refugees and strangers in our midst.

Bless us as we seek to make this City of the Angels — a city of life.
Help us to make Los Angeles a place
where every life is sacred and welcomed and cared for —
from conception to natural death.
Father, we ask all these things as your children,
in the Name of your Son, Jesus Christ —
and through the power of your Holy Spirit.

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