Talks ·John 10:10-
By Archbishop Gomez
November 18, 2012

Greetings my friends!

It is so beautiful to see so many of you here this afternoon.

This is a beautiful day for us to celebrate life and love and the family — and to renew our commitment to Jesus and his Gospel of life.

The beautiful truth of our religion is the truth that God is love. And the way God reveals his love for us is in creation. In making new life. In creating new families.

Jesus came to us; he came into our world — as an unborn child in his mother’s womb. He came to us — in a family. He grew up in a family, with the Blessed Mother Mary and St. Joseph. Jesus came to us for one reason. So that we might have life, and have life abundantly!

There is something very beautiful and something very ordinary about all this.

It means that every time we see a baby, we are seeing a reflection of Jesus. We are seeing the image of God. It means that every time we see a family, we are seeing a reflection in our world of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.

This is what God wants for our world! Life and life abundantly!

God wants every child to be welcomed and loved. He wants every family to be a holy family! And God wants us all to live in a world where every life is cherished as something special, as something sacred.

That’s what it’s all about, my friends. Love. The love of creation. The love of life. The love of the family. It’s just that simple. And it’s just that beautiful.

This is what we are here for, my friends. To love and to be loved by God. We are here to help God create a world where it is easier for people to love.

God put you here for a reason — each one of you. Never forget that! God has a purpose for every life. For your life. For my life. We are children of God. Never forget that!

No matter where God is calling you in this life, he wants you to live like Jesus, to follow Jesus and to spread the Gospel of life — in our homes, in our schools, in the places where we work, and in our society.

This is what this beautiful day is about. And this is what the pro-life movement is all about. It’s a movement of love. It’s a movement of God’s Spirit of love in our world.

So I want to thank you for being here today! You give me hope! You inspire me by your happiness and joy. By your love for Jesus and your love for your families. And by your love for this great city and our great nation. I want to ask you to pray for me and for my ministry. And I want you to know that I am praying for you and your families every day.

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